What’s the warranty?

One year on all products; Two years on gas shocks; No charge on labor for the life of the product, with only minor charges for repairs or upgrades.

How do I install the backrest bracket?

The backrest bracket has a small end and a long end. Install the bracket with the short end pointing to the back/outside of the seat, and the long end towards the inside.

Why is my shock sinking?

99% of the time (on the older style NR mount) it is a worn seat mount clutch, usually from failure to tighten mount properly. Repair by replacing clutch with parts available from your local dealer.

How can I get parts?

Contact your local dealer or Roc-N-Soc to purchase parts.

How much weight will a Roc-n-Soc throne hold?

Thrones with shocks are warranted to 250 pounds. All other units will carry up to 300 pounds.

What are the seat dimensions?

Original - 17 inches side to side, 15 inches front to back
Hugger - 15 inches side to side, 14 inches front to back
Round - 14 inches in diameter
Square - 18 inches side to side, 15 inches front to back

How long will a throne last?

Our experience indicates 10-15 years with regular use. All product models are repairable and upgradeable.

How do I get my throne repaired?

For all warranty issues and repairs, contact Roc-n-Soc at 828-452-1736.

Why Choose A Roc-n-soc?